Belt Driven Horizontal Balancing Machine

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ADITI ENGINEERSS Horizontal Belt Driven Balancing Machines provide accurate readings, time after time. Sturdy design combines the precision of piezoelectric transducers in a reliable, hard-bearing support system on a solid-steel base.

Belt Driven Horizontal Balancing Machines are ideal for Rotors Like armatures, textile or machine spindles, shafts, turbines, printing! paper machine rollers, submersible pumps rotor and other applications requiring high-precision balancing.


  • » Standard Belt Driven Balancing Machines for rotor sizes from a few grams to 3,000 kg
  • » Permanent calibration to reduce setup time and eliminate the need for trial runs. Fewer moving parts to handle Larger initial unbalances and provide simple operation. Adjustable rigid supports allow different size rotors for each size balancing machine. Accurate readouts that are not affected by wind age.
  • » Belt Drive system to meet rotor’s requirements, Cooling adaptors will not be required, Rotor can be driven by flat belt directly.
  • » Variable speed drive will be provided to maintain specific Balancing Speed.
  • » Photocell for detection of rpm.
  • » Two easy-to-adjust end-thrust assemblies with precision ball bearing to accept axial Load for belt-drive systems.
  • » Balancing machine bed extensions or separate short beds.
  • » Very easy to operate.
  • » Special tooling for balancing complex and non standard rotors, integrated correction systems, Like drilling, milling, and weight addition.