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Balancing Machines with Integrated Correction Systems
Aditi Engineers manufactures Custom designed Balancing Machines with correction systems.

These systems benefit our customers with:

  • » High production requirements
  • » Close balance tolerances
  • » Process control

These integrated correction systems can remove or add material as needed for your specific application. Correction processes include:

  • » Drilling, vertical or horizontal
  • » Milling, Grinding
  • » Welding

Manual Correction

For simpler balancing processes, we can integrate a separate manual drill with your balancing machine. Result : A faster process that minimizes correction errors by the operator.

Upgrade or Recondition Your Existing Balancing Machine

If you want to upgrade or recondition your existing balancing machine or system, contact us. We will test the electrical and mechanical components to ensure that they meet or exceed factory standards. We will calibrate the machine and provide certification for your records. Additionally, we offer instrumentation upgrades ranging in features from economy models for simple balancing for complex processes. These balancing machines and systems maintain the superior durability and ease-of-operation. We completely disassemble and repaint them. Then we install new pickup assemblies, cables, and roller bearings, as well as refurbished instrumentation.